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Veeam Cloud Connect: How to

Benjamin Falk-Elveng

Veeam Cloud Connect is an integrated function in Veeam. It is a great shortcut to securing your virtual machines through backup and replication – also known as Disaster Recovery. Veeam Cloud Connect is integrated directly into Veeam, so all it takes is a licensed version of Veeam. Once you add your service provider directly in Veeam, you have access to the resources that your service provider has made available to you. They can be used for sending virtual or physical backups off-premises to avoid ransomware and other kinds of attacks. With replication, you can send your virtual machines to a cloud host. Thereby having them instantly ready for use in a 1:1 version.

If ransomware or a major breakdown were to strike, you can fire them up and work with them just like you would with the ones in your own infrastructure. This gets you redundancy on datacentres for emergency purposes. Both backup and replication use End2End encryption. Meaning that your data is encrypted prior to leaving your environment. It stays encrypted while transferring to prevent disclosure via the internet, and, as for backup, stays encrypted when stored with your service provider. Encryption does not change the properties of zipped or compressed data. So you have every chance of saving storage while keeping your data encrypted. 

How do you use Veeam Cloud Connect? 

After activating your user on revirt.global, you are all set for starting your ReVirt Cloud Connect BaaS/DRaaS etc. with only 4 steps to go to complete your Veeam installation. More can be found about each step in our Cloud Connect guide or in our how-to videos (available in 6 languages).


  1. Open the Service Provider Wizard
  2. Choose Cloud Gateway settings
  3. Confirm your TLS Certificate, and choose User Settings
  4. Enter all Cloud Repository resources

How does that benefit your company?

As a company, you reach a very high level of security by making sure that at least 1 copy of your data. This copy is available from outside your own infrastructure. This is in case of ransomware or other kinds of breakdowns. By doing so, you comply with the 3-2-1 rule, which is short for storing your data in 3 different copies on 2 different kinds of media and with 1 copy being stored offsite. Your data is stored in a GDPR compliant data center and by an ISO certified provider

Find out much more about your potential wins on our Cloud Connect webpage or by stopping by revirt.global. As always, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at any.cloud. We can get you testing or help you get more TBs for your solution. 

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