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Trust, responsibility and the IT industry

Gregor Frimodt-Møller

20 years in the IT industry get you thinking. Thinking about the future. And focusing on what it means to act responsibly from an IT point of view, because that is not a given in a world of cloud solutions, so how do you cultivate trust and responsibility in a business as fast-paced as ours? We live by “Reshape the future”, and to us that means being innovative and always pushing our limits. And our work developing and improving environments, infrastructure and solutions is not done, until our customers are satisfied. And we always keep our values in mind.  

Our reason for being is that our customers need specialists to protect their businesses as well as how they run them. And this is how we act responsibly: Every day, we nourish and build up the circle of trust between us and our customers. Because one thing is for certain when it comes to the IT industry: Trust is the cornerstone to a strong cooperation.  

any.cloud as a service provider in the IT industry

At any.cloud, trust is paying good things forward – including responsibility. Our customers trust us with their data and solutions, and our close and personal relationship is the bridge to making it happen. It is imperative that we understand our customers and do our utmost to understand their situation. Listening, helping and solving problems contribute to keeping that trust intact. In short, we run on trust and it goes both ways. Our customers are the foundation of our business and they are why we do our very best every day to earn their trust – all while making sure that our competences are constantly developed to meet the expectations of our customers.  

Competent specialists create sound solutions that can grow any business but is crucial in the IT industry. And that is why our employees have – already now – been in courses, seminars and other training settings 12 times in 2018. And they have done so in 4 different countries, because borders do not stand in the way of our experts becoming even more competent. Developing exactly the right set of skills for any.cloud is a big and important element in being 20 years on the market in a business that is so fast-moving. And we are proud that, going forward, even more of our employees contribute to securing us a strong position in the market of delivering excellence – much to the benefit of both us and our customers.  

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