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Shaping the future IT consultancy business in any.cloud

Kristine Bährentz-Frandsen

This is a new and very different era for all of us. Both regarding work and home life, this is our new reality: A lot of things have changed. In any.cloud, we have done what was necessary and given careful consideration to how we do business as an IT consultancy. Mandatory to that process was seriously rethinking our procedures, work processes and even elements of our business model. And that is how we get to where we can evaluate the qualities of our IT consultancy branch and shape it for the future.

Consultant Manager in any.cloud, Lars Jeding: “We see a major rise in how efficiently we work. The working hours of a consultant are put to much better use through remote support, because our consultants can be available with very short notice, when immediate attention is needed, rather than spend time travelling from one customer to another. It does wonders for tweaking and enhancing the flexibility in our work.”

The transition phase

Changes are happening not only to how we deliver IT support, but in what we deliver. During the transition phase and until getting comfortable with the WFH (working from home) model, many of our customers needed help setting up new – or more – VPN links and needed our support to get into the swing of working from home using work devices. Getting our customers ready was not a long haul, and we saw a new area for any.cloud’s support to our customers on the rise: Communicating with colleagues and customers.

“Just like our customers, we had to adjust to a new normal with new communication tools with particularly Microsoft Teams becoming a strong and familiar platform to a lot of people. I am pretty sure that Teams, along with other tools, will change how we communicate from now on. Already at this stage, Teams has become an integrated element in how people work, due to chat, screen sharing and video conferencing. I believe that business travels will decline, because everyone has become used to the new conferencing platforms and is only happy to not have to go travelling to, for example, Aarhus for a relatively short meeting. It is not that Teams will distance us from one another, but it may make everyday life more efficient. And it has one more advantage: It seems to work wonders for everyone starting their meetings on time .”

The principle of necessity: A changed approach

A lot of issues can be solved remotely. That is what is emerging right now along with a new approach to how necessary (or not) travelling and meeting face to face can be. This new take sees much more helpfulness during this time of crisis, but whether or not this principle of necessity is here to stay or not is anybody’s guess. “Although we have made better use of our time by helping more people through “help needed right here and now”, the personal touch is still not covered”, Lars says. Because we are an IT consultancy firm, a significant element in our job is being with our customers, so we have in-depth knowledge of their people and their solutions – as a building stone to creating the best results. The thing is this: When our consultants work on-site, their users let them cover a lot more ground than just the problem right in front of them.

And let’s look at the positive effects of the new routines in any.cloud. “Our customer portfolio is very diverse, which means that their individual challenges are very different in nature. It has been exciting for us, as IT consultants, to help brainstorm for creative solutions. Our tasks have included working on and testing remote services that can help those of our customers who work with big files for editing videos and pictures.”

Solution-oriented work is second nature to an IT consultant, but this new scene with its wider range of challenges has upped the fun factor for our consultants and made them work more closely together.

When we all go back

WFH will never be a 1:1 substitute for working from an office, but we do see that some of the tools used right now and the changes in how we work remotely can benefit everyone, so we add flexibility to where and when a job can be done.

“There is much more to what we do than meeting people face to face, and our cornerstone is probably relations. Many of our consultants find themselves an integrated part of the businesses they call on regularly. I, for one, can’t wait to not only meet my colleagues in any.cloud, but to see our customers again in person.”

Since 1998, any.cloud has been the IT consultancy provider of choice to Danish businesses. Do you want to find out more about how we can help your company with your operations and IT support? Reach out to us today.

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