Welcome to the ReVirt Business Protection Suite

With ReVirt you are guaranteed full data protection and the best solutions delivered straight to you from us at any.cloud. The solutions are all based on Veeam Software and delivered by IBM Cloud technology making the services available, wherever you need it, as it can be accessed through datacentres across the globe. On the main site you can find information, operational status and more. In conclusion, the ReVirt Business Protection Suite can help you optimize your data security and secure the future of your business.

Reasons for choosing ReVirt

Instant trial

With our free 5TB 30-day trial, you can test our backup, object storage for Veeam and ReVirt 365 – backup of your MS 365 data


Data safety is important, and we guarantee yours by securing your data in our GDPR-ready datacentres with 99.9% uptime

No commitment

you can test our product without using a credit card, as there is no commitment period or risk when trying ReVirt

The ReVirt trial

Our instant provisioning trial for Veeam Object Storage, backup and backup of your MS 365 data gives you 30 days of free testing. Particularly relevant in this context is the fact that you do not need a credit card to try out our product. All we need is your email address and you are set for testing! Furthermore, this means no commitment period and no unnecessary risks. After the 30 days, you can choose to continue with the service or terminate the trial. Upon termination, data will of course be deleted in accordance with the ISO standard.

our ReVirt Business Protection Suite is created for the business that wants to ensure a high-availability environment. We have 4 offerings in our Business Protection Suite:

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