Welcome to ReTrust Identity and detection intelligence service

ReTrust is a security software delivered by any.cloud, which can help your business protect yourself against online fraud and help you to create digital trust with you loyal customers.

ReTrust helps secure customer journeys and keep NPS high. You can protect loyalty programs, bonus points and personal information and entire websites. All this without having the bother of passwords – with ReTrust there are no 2FA or other authentication, we create a frictionless journey for your customers.

Reasons for choosing ReTrust

IBM technology and PSD2 compliant

with behavioral biometrics you get the only solution that can show and rate the full picture – 100% compliant.

Creating digital trust

Prevent digital fraud and create digital trust with your customers.

Fixed monthly price

With a set price based on how many applications and sessions you have, and low or no initial startup costs for implementing ReTrust.

Scanning & monitoring

ReTrust scans and monitors, with the help of IBM Trusteer software, all traffic to your application or website. Every month IBM Trusteer intercepts 43+ billion sessions with the aim of detecting fraud. With this data, ReTrust keeps people with malicious intent from accessing your website and application and, just as important, your customers’ data.

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