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How our values shape how we work together

Pernille Due Bjerre

Most companies have a set of values, and maybe even a vision and a mission, with the objective of letting people know what kind of company they are dealing with and what they can expect as a business partner or as a customer. When it comes to values, we are not ground-breaking or revolutionaries, but we have given it a lot of thought. And we believe these are the values that represent us:

Innovation – quality – professionalism – cooperation

Living up to our values was not enough for us. We want to anchor them, because there’s no point in saying “We deliver quality”, if our way of working and our results don’t come close to that statement. This is why each of our values comes with a small text, which – for us, at least – is serving as justification.

Our values and our company

In any.cloud’s Customer Service team, our values are not just a bunch of words on a website – they are a fundamental part of our working day. This does not mean that we are constantly being innovative, but we do strive to live up to each of our values on a daily basis.
Our values drive us, and they drive our entire company, and that’s why we use them actively both on a personal and on a professional level. It all starts with each individual, and so does creating a great community and creating meaningfulness in what we do. Without the meaningfulness, it will be hard for each individual to take our values and make them a part of who we are.

A value has to create value

Take our first value, innovation. This is where we think about our enthusiasm for taking very complex solutions and making them accessible and usable. This creates value and makes a difference to our customers.

Quality refers especially to our business and our employees. Qualified and certified employees and an ISO-certified company creates grounds for constantly delivering services of high quality.

For our Customer Service team, professionalism is a great part of our workday, as we are working thoroughly with how we address our customers and continue to build the trust a strong relation demands.

Cooperation between colleagues is very treasured by us, because we know we spend a third of our time together. It is of great value and cannot be a heavy duty, and the reason why we spend so much time together on social events and not just work is this: It strengthens our bond. We keep working on having good collaboration and communication between the departments of any.cloud, because we believe that we can learn from each other and gain new insights. This contributes to creating a great foundation and, at the end of the day, it benefits our customers. Our customers are the center of our world. It is you who make us want to do better and you are the reason for the solutions we create. It is important to me that you know that I always put you and your business’ needs first. I hope you will contact me via pdb@anycloud.dk, if you have suggestions or ideas for improvement, or if you are experiencing problems.

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