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Customer relationships are the foundation of our company

Kristine Bährentz-Frandsen

Ever since the beginning of any.cloud back in 1998, our customers and customer relationships have been everything to us. And not just to us as a business (we all have to face that our bottom line matters too), but much more due to our customers being major players when it comes to developing us, who we are and, not least, what we do.

Today, we have more than 560 customers across more than 20 countries, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, the United States of America, Canada, the Nordics and Germany etc. And what makes us even more proud is the fact that more than 1 in 5 customers have been with us for longer than 10 years. We believe that says a lot about both trust and loyalty being two-way streets.

We are very aware that outsourcing your IT to a third party is a huge step. That makes it our number 1 priority to always deliver the comfort that a trusting relation holds – including what our solutions deliver to our customers.

The Danish company called Flügger Farver has been an any.cloud customer for more than 15 years. Since 2002, we have solved Flügger’s IT issues, right from when they changed from Windows to Mac and found exactly the support in any.cloud that they were looking for. We have always been Mac specialists which is very likely why they chose us.

Bettina Karlsson, Marketing Production Manager with Flügger, says: “We have worked with any.cloud for a lot of years now. The support that we get from them is always efficient, they get the job done fast, and they always make sure to tie any loose ends. any.cloud really meets our needs for support, so we have never had any reason to go looking for greener pastures.”

Customer relationships in the future

Our customer relationships offer the wins of a perfect ecosystem: Our customers make our wheels turn, and they are our motivation for constantly improving and implementing new solutions that create value to each and every customer. That is what we want to uphold and protect and the foundation for how we work with all our customers.

There is, however, always room for improvement, and we strive to be even better. We always have, and the latest stage of that journey is onboarding Pernille, our brand new Client Success Manager. We believe that in her new role, Pernille can take a long, hard look at any.cloud and point us right to where we can make major improvements. One of our coming measures is working with customer satisfaction surveys targeted at existing customer relationships. And that is just one of the tools we plan to work with, so we will still have the happiest and most satisfied customers in the world.

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