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any.green: It matters to us how our partners treat the environment

Adrian Frimodt-Møller

At any.cloud, we have already made small steps towards making everyday life more green in our Danish office. It is important to us that our partners are with us on this. We believe that a joint effort creates stronger results, and that is one of the reasons why we are so proud of our partnerships with IBM and InterXion.

IBM: Making our world smarter

IBM’s work on a joint social responsibility happens through action and taking a very clear position. They go about sustainable initiatives by taking 2 different paths: They do their best to make their present product portfolio and processes more efficient and improved, so it affects the environment as well as their organization, and they develop new and innovative ways of making our world smarter, improving operational excellence and cutting down negative impact on the environment. IBM as a company takes a holistic approach to the challenges that our planet is facing and deal with them through innovative tech initiatives and expertise.
IBM has decided on a cognitive building strategy, which excels by reducing the energy consumption in buildings by up to as much as 50 percent. The cut-down is achieved by optimizing space, cutting down on building costs and simplifying blueprints. Find out more about IBM’s initiatives here.

Sustainable energy

An important element in fighting climate changes and in doing their best to make the environment healthier is Apple’s decision to have all their facilities (on a world-wide basis) powered by eco-friendly energy. And that applies to their stores, offices and datacentres in 43 countries, incl. USA, Great Britain, China and India. Furthermore, they have announced that another 9 of their production partners commit to powering their entire Apple portfolio by using only 100% eco-friendly energy.

Another partner of ours, InterXion, uses only renewable energy to power their datacentres in the Nordics. That is one of our reasons for deciding to partner with them – an investment in greener energy. Furthermore, InterXion constantly focuses on how they can find new ways of optimizing energy-efficiency. Moreover, they are cutting back on how much trash they produce.

Inspirational partners

At any.cloud, our goal of going green has definitely had lift off! But we want to make an even bigger impact and we are very happy to side with competent business partners who can help us do our best, be an inspiration to us and share knowledge when it comes to taking even more steps towards acting responsibly.

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