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10 facts about any.cloud

Charmaine Bendixen de Fondaumiere

“You are a multi cloud what?” “Oh, so you store data somewhere, right?”
Yup, we certainly do, but there is more to us than that, because we offer a variety of services to businesses in Denmark and worldwide. We are not just faceless characters wearing blue shirts and ties. Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about us:

1/10 facts − Every 1 in 5 customers has been with us for more than 10 years

In a world that moves at a crazy pace and a business that is ever-changing with tech and information travelling at the speed of light, not many cloud service providers can boast of long-term customer relationships. That makes us very proud of our customer database and our relationship with each customer. Loyalty and trust are the key to our business. We are very aware of that and honor it every day by going that extra mile for our customers. Read more on our view on trust and responsibility in the IT-industry here.

2/10 facts − We are an international company with offices in Poland, Finland, France and the Czech Republic

Not many people know this, but we are an international company and have been since 2013. And we solemnly promise to tell you much more about our cosmopolitan culture and exciting journey through countries and time some other time!

3/10 facts − We have tight bonds with IBM and Veeam

Working with IBM and Veeam is our foundation as a business. The IBM Cloud and Veeam Cloud Connect technologies are why our solutions exist today. Find out much more about our cooperation with Veeam and IBM here.

4/10 facts − We care for the environment – our datacentres run on green energy

At any.cloud we are committed to improving ourselves, and therefore a green environmental mindset is becoming more and more important. At the office we recycle everything we can recycle. We have implemented  a cold-water faucet, so we no longer use bottled water. We serve organic fruit to all employees. Also, as true Copenhageners almost 30% of the Danish office bike to work, not only healthy but also sustainable.

A fact few people know is, that our datacentres run on green energy.

5/10 facts − Our employees are the heart and soul of our company: Together, we are the any.cloud family and we celebrate employee of the month

In every way there is, we as a team and a family form any.cloud. We have grown quite a lot after 20 years, and we are, in fact, 36 people. Right from the very beginning, it has been essential for us that we never lose our company culture, no matter how big we may become. That is why we really want to set the right scene, so working with us is a pleasant experience for our employees, and we like to do things together as colleagues. It is the teamwork that sets the tone for any.cloud to come. An important part of our teamwork is that our employees appoint employee of the month – every month.

6/10 facts − We are quite young – as a company

Although we – as a company – are more than 20 years old, we are actually quite young when you look at our age average: 35 years! The age span runs from 22 to 60. We embrace the saying; if you are good enough, you are old enough. Innovation is second nature to us, and we want to make the most of the innovation and fresh ideas brought to our company by a rather young environment. We love experience and we love the people fresh out of school who come to us bursting open with new knowledge and enthusiasm to really get things going.

7/10 facts − The data of our cloud customers is located in the cloud in a big data center in Ballerup

It is a surprise to quite a lot of people that the cloud really does exist and that is visible to the naked eye. Yes, that’s right: The cloud exists! In our maximum-security location in a data center in Ballerup.

8/10 facts − In Denmark and abroad, we have more than 2500 clients

As a multi cloud service provider, we offer quite a wide range of services, and after more than 20 years in the IT business, our customer records have grown to a considerable size. What is even more crazy, we know our customers very, very well.

And we really understand that outsourcing your IT to someone outside your own business may feel like a giant step, however necessary. That makes it our finest task to understand the needs of our customers and induce that important sense of security and safety in every solution that we offer.

9/10 facts − Years year ago, what is now any.cloud was 3 companies: any.cloud, any.lease and any.mac

In 2017, we merged 3 companies, because we saw a large potential in our – at the time – collaboration partner any.mac who excelled in B2B IT support. Merging the 3 companies brought us to where we could offer our customers a large pallet of services – the solutions to any challenges they might be facing.

10/10 facts − We send out a really cool newsletter – at least, WE like to think so

On a monthly basis, we send out our newsletter, any.news, where we keep you up to date on what is cooking in the business, list our most popular blog posts and inspire you. And not just that: You get the hardware deals of the month. Up until now the newsletter is only in Danish, sorry you guys. But hey, write us an email, DM us in Facebook or contact us you would like to receive the newsletter in English.

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